How to Maximize Your Preschooler’s Short Attention-Span

How to Maximize Your Preschooler’s Short Attention-Span

Hello preschool teachers!  It’s Megan from Piano Preschool here, and today I’m sharing 1 fun way to engage those short attention-span-students and maximize the learning potential of your preschool lesson time.

Teaching Preschoolers can be a challenge.  They’re wiggly and distracted from A-Z in point 2 seconds.  But, they also contain so much more enthusiasm and excitement than many of their older counterparts and that’s ours to harness as their teachers.  I try to think like a preschooler, realize that they’re going to get restless sitting.  It’s essential to provide developmentally appropriate ways for little ones to continue learning based around piano and musical concepts, while off-the-bench!  Today I’m sharing how I re-boot preschoolers from zero concentration by introducing crescendo + decrescendo as a large motion, ear-training exercise!  All you’ll need is a scarf or scrap of fabric, a way to play ocean wave sounds and a piece of paper to draw the crescendo + decrescendo symbols.  I think you’ll LOVE it!

Thanks for bearing with me on my first ever Facebook LIVE!  I was a little nervous, but I can’t stop now because I have so many fun activities to share!  Next up is: Tucker Turtle Hand Position Song For Preschool Piano Lessons.

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