Fun DIY Ribbon Rings

Fun DIY Ribbon Rings

Get Yo Groove On!

These easy-to-make ribbon rings are the perfect way to encourage your little ones to dance to the beat of the music!

Developing an inner sense of rhythm from a young age is an advantage to playing an instrument later on!

So, sway, swirl, and hop with your ribbons as you find the steady beat of the song!

Here’s what you’ll need:

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2-4 inch round wood rings

a variety of colorful ribbons



measuring tape or ruler

Step 1:

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Measure and cut 10 ribbons to 27″

Step 2:


Fold a ribbon in half and place it over the ring.

Step 3:


Loop the ends through and pull the ribbon snug.

Step 4:


Take the 2 ends and securely tie a knot right up against the wood ring.

Step 5:


When all the ribbons have been tied on you’re ready to protect the ends from fraying!  To do this, hold the ribbon ends approximately 1/2 inch away from an open flame.  Watch the fibers melt together at the ends, but don’t keep it there too long or it’ll warp/burn!

Step 6:


Ta-da!  It’s beautiful!  Turn up the music and find the beat!


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