The Adventure Case


Love learning

The Adventure Case is the perfect way to introduce little ones to the piano. It peaks their interest, engages them through play-based learning and offers them a positive musical foundation on which to build.


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How it Works


Easy to use

You don’t have to have a musical background for your child to begin learning music at home! Simply turn on our fun, interactive DVD and your child will begin learning music with Music Marie and her pal, Pipsqueak! 


Learn through play

All of the high-quality instruments found in your Adventure Case are used throughout the lessons and activities on your DVD. Making this not something your child only watches, but actively participate in!


Hands-on application

You’ll also find within your case a 19 page piano book that contains simple exercises that allow your child to apply their new skills on their own piano or keyboard.

We are so impressed that our kids are having fun and learning so much at the same time!

— Kari, Gilbert, AZ